Monday, July 24, 2017

The Hardest Week of My Mission...

Hey Everyone,  

I hope it was a great Pioneer Day for you all. WELP! Let's get down to business here.

To start off.... we had probably the hardest week of my mission. I can say that straight up, it was basically just Satan trying to attack me so that I didn't work. We have a goal for the rest of this transfer to do at least 3 big services a week, and a bunch of smaller services during the day on all the other days. But the crazy thing was that not one person wanted to receive us and let us serve them.  We tried to make at least 20 contacts per day also, but I guess we didn´t need the blessings during this week because nothing was going on for us. But, lucky for us (or blessed we are) the zone leaders swooped in just at the right moment on Thursday to lift our spirits and help keep our motivation up! We walked around, did a bit of service and then while we were walking we saw a herd of sheep. I said, "RUN" so we ran toward them and talked to the old lady that was shepherding the herd. I asked if she would let us take a picture. She grabbed my cheeks and said "Oh, gringito, of course, anything for you!"  then she started laughing. We entered their house and talked to the people there and told them who we were and who and what we represent. They were all elderly people, and one lady that was like 30 years old also.  They told us that they were cousins of some man named Amansio, who is the 1st Councilor of the Branch here in Carhuamayo. We asked if we could visit them and they said, "well, of course you can come visit us, but we don't live here, we live in Lima."  I looked at Elder Bolaños and said, "OF COURSE! the only people in the past week that are cool and willing to talk to us and listen to us, and they don't even live within 9 hours of Carhuamayo! They don't even live in our mission!" Isn't that just the way that a hard week goes! One thing after another! It's hard here in Carhuamayo. The people are so different than in other areas of the mission. They do not want to hear the message that we have to share with them. They don't want to change. They are very set in their ways!

I guess one bright spot in the week was that Rolando did show up to church on Sunday. He was late, but he did come! I do think he'll choose to be baptized, but probably not while I'm here! He's such a great guy and he'll be a great member.

Through it all we learn though, and I do want to testify to you all that God tests us to see if we can expound our boundries. He wants us to follow Him, but he doesn't want us to follow him blindly.  If you don't know why He exists, or what He's all about, try and find him for yourself. He is there, He is never far, and He will make Himself known to you if you truly have a desire. You will find tests, trust me, I think I have been tested more than I ever thought I could be here on my mission, but if I can get through those hard times, you all can too. God loves you, I also LOVE you, and I'll see you soon. Tune in ... only two emails to go.

Love you all,
Elder Christensen

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