Monday, July 10, 2017

Famous in Peru


Well, another crazy week happened here in Carwashmayo (Carhuamayo)! It actually was a very normal week of service, service, service.  We ran into this pastor of another church and he was saying many bad things about our church. It's so hard, but we just have to say something nice and then walk away! Ya know, it's pretty typical around here!

But the coolest experience of this week happened on Friday when some lady came running up to me and said. "Hey Mormon, stop!  Where are you from gringo?"  I said, "I'm from the United States of America".  She laughed and said, "oohhhhh, just what I'm looking for!" I said, "what? why?" She then went on talking about how her sister-in-law (or cousin?) wanted a gringo from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to go to the little village that she lives in, it's like an hour into the mountains. It's a place where there are old traditional, Peruvian people that are just all about Pishtacos and potatoes, and many other old, ancient beliefs. (Remember a Pishtaco is a "boogeyman" in the Andes Mountains of South America, mostly in Bolivia and Peru. The Pishtaco is an evil monster or "white" man that kills Indians and eats their fat!) So, they want ME to go to Ulcumayo, in the mountains, and talk at the Anniversary Celebration of Ulcumayo, just like I did here in Carhuamayo. The lady then said that she had seen me all over National news in Peru, and all over Facebook in Peru!! She said that all of Carhuamayo is talking about how they have a North American resident, and how my speech changed the history of Carhuamayo, and she wants Ulcumayo to be the same. She wants Ulcumayo to receive the same interest that Carhuamayo got. The only problem is that it's not until September. I said, "Ah, I won't be here in September, but if you want, we can send another North American to speak in Ulcumayo". She agreed and said yeah that would be fine if we sent someone else. So I guess I'll work on getting that set up! People are starting to know who we are, and that is what we want. The work is slow here, but we are doing a lot of service and helping where we can in this little town. I guess we can't focus on what we can't do, but what we can do. We are here to share the gospel of Jesus Christ by word and by example. We will keep working hard, until the end.

I had another really amazing experience, but some things just shouldn't be shared in an email... so I'll tell ya in 5 weeks. I love you all.

Elder Christensen
Jersin (the newest missionary, haha) and Luke
 BBQed Alpaca burgers
 An old sheep head and yes, it's real!

Feed My Sheep ....

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