Monday, February 8, 2016

Jungle Life ... A Boa on My Back!

Hey everyone!

So this has been a great week. I have started to love the language more and more. These past few weeks I have been the happiest ever on my mission. I have learned to feel good about myself, and I actually am starting to just love the mission! 

I want to start off with last Monday, but to start that off I need to tell you that my comp is a  huge Malogrado. He just wants to sleep these days. So on Monday the other malogrado missionary that is in Tingo and he both went together and slept while Elder Daza and I went to the Serpentario. It was super cool and I got a pic with a boa on my back!! I liked it a lot!! haha   That was a super cool day.  That same day after we got back we had a little nap untill like 5:30, again my comp didn't want to wake up so I got water and I threw it on he and the other Elder haha! It was super funny. They were so mad I thought that I was going to die. 

The other days this week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, they were just normal days. Friday we went to Huanuco to have a zone conference and I got to hang out with Elder Evans again until Saturday. We got back to Tingo at about 5:00 on Saturday, and went straight to the baptism of Aamir. My comp performed the baptism and I thought I might be a little sad that I didn't get to do it, but I wasn't sad at all. I think the reason I didn't really care to baptise him was he said that he wanted someone to baptize him that his skin is not always red! haha Then he asked Elder Evans why every Gringo's skin is red all the time. I was just thinking about how racist these stinking Peruvians are!! haha But, whatever, I love these people anyway!! 

On Thursday night something really crazy and sad happened. So, we went over to the house of one of our investigators. She didn't want us to teach her, she just wanted to show us something. She took us over to her house with all of her family there, they were all sitting in a room and we were confused, like what is going to happen to us?? Then she took us to her mom's room. I could only hear an oxygen tank going when I first walked in. I saw a lady, her whole body was paralyzed. She could understand what we were saying, but she couldn't eat, move, move her mouth, she couldn't even move her eyes. So Edmuda (our investigator) asked us to give her mom a blessing. She asked me to say it. While I was saying it I felt like my Spanish was perfect. I actually felt like I didn't do anything. The spirit just guided me in everything that I needed to say. I felt so sad! yet so happy for her! because the spirit witnessed to me that one day she will be able to use her whole body again in it's perfect form. 

That was my week other than I came to Huanuco yesterday (Sunday). And I have just been hanging out with Elder Evans for the past few days. We will go back to Tingo and then come back on Friday for the multizone conference. I cant wait. This change has gone by so fast! Changes are on February 24th and the next change is only 5 weeks to make up for the new MTC time for native missionaries.  Should be a good time the next few changes! I can't believe that today I have 5 months in the mission! It's going fast!

love you all chau!!!!!!
Elder Christensen

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