Monday, February 1, 2016

108 Degrees isn't so bad when it's RAINING!!!!

Well everyone.... It has been a good week!! We are supposed to have a baptism this Saturday!! His name is Aamir. He is a kid that we found my first day in Tingo and he is definitely ready to get baptized. I'm so excited for him! It should be a good week. I really have felt your prayers here, because it has not stopped raining all week! The days it rains are super good and it really cools it down. It's been about 108 degrees with the humidity. So when it rains it actually makes me want to work, instead of forcing myself to work and to walk in the hot hot heat. 

This week has been pretty funny. So for all of you who have watched the Lord of the Rings movie.... I saw SAM WISE AND FRODO BAGGINS!! I'm just kidding!! They were just some midgets walking together down the street, but I walked past them and I felt like Gandalf. It was a good day. haha!!!  I have been walking about  5-10 miles everyday this week. I went home every night and just went straight to bed after planning because I was so tired, and the heat really wears you out. We had to walk everywhere because we didn't have any pesaje, which is money, for moto taxis or for any transportation. So yesterday we walked a mile and a half to church in the rain. It was aweful, we were drenched!!

I forgot to tell you last week that I went with Elder Evans (Rocky Evans from home!!) on divisions last week. That was such a cool night! We just talked about girls and video games and all sorts of stuff from home all day, then that night we went to the best burger place in Huanuco. It is not better than Mcdonalds, haha but I liked it because I feel like I'm  just eating like a peasant everyday! But it was fun, we just talked about girls all day, and how he is going to get home and find a wife! So, needless to say, I was super trunky after that but I got over it! It was worth it cause it was a super good time. 

I really have started to learn more and more and more about how I need to better myself. I am working on the things I need to improve on. First, I am working on the language. I feel like a little Asian kid that has never seen a television before. I just stare blankly when I don't know what they've said. haha!! I'm really just kidding! I'm not too bad! I feel like my Spanish is coming along pretty good for being out only 5 months. I can understand everything that everyone says now, I just need to work on the vocabulary, and I need to learn to not zone off in the middle of lessons because everything isn't super clear. There are a lot of other things I'm working on too, but I'll save those for another day. Also, because we didn't have dinero at all this week we didn't go to a waterfall or anything else cool, and I don't think we will today either because it is pouring rain so hard! Really, I have never seen it rain harder than it is right now!! It's almost like when you drink a huge glass of water before bed and wake up and you're about to die because you are so hydrated. yeah that has been it everyday!!!  I'm keeping my head up and working hard! I love this gospel, I love the Lord and I love you all. 

hasta luego!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Christensen

In the Jungle of Tingo Maria, Peru

"The Illuminati made it to Tingo Maria" .... Luke Christensen

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