Monday, January 25, 2016

Preparing for a Baptism!! And, Yes, I'm Still Sweating!!

Hey everyone!

So that was a slow, but a fast week. I want to start off and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VIANSA!! Sorry, I know it was last Friday, but I can only email on Mondays!

The past week has surely been different. It has been an emotional roller coaster. I want to tell you about a kid that is 15 years old, and his name is Jin. He is a really cool kid and he is our investigator. He has been investigating the church for a while. We were teaching him on Thursday and we had such a spiritual lesson. I was telling him the reason that I am here in Peru. He said that he couldn't get baptized or his dad would disown him. He could go live with his aunt, but his family would be unhappy. I told him the story of the morning that I was leaving for Peru. I told him about how my brother Nick just never cried. I don't think he'd ever cried in his life, well at least I had never heard, or seen a time that he had cried. I told him how we said our goodbyes and Nick was headed to work, I cried but Nick really didn't cry, but then about 10 minutes later he called me crying hard. he told me that he loved me.  i said to Jin, "I know it is your decision to be baptized just like it was my decision to come to Peru on a mission. It wasn't an easy decision or easy to do, but I told him how blessings come when you follow Jesus Christ and do what he has commanded us to do. I know that Jin's dad will come around and probably be baptized, and so will his mom. Jin's parents did signed the papers and they are letting him get baptized the 27th of February!! 

Nothing else really happended this week. I have not stopped sweating since I got here 2 weeks ago, other than the time in my ice cold shower!! I am learning a ton. This place is so beautiful!! I went to a waterfall called Santa Carmin last week. It was cool, not my favorite waterfall, because really I have seen cooler waterfalls in my life but it was really cool and really fun! It really was just a super cool setting, so beautiful and so green. Also these missionaries here are all malgrados (disobedient missionairies). Two of them don't want to wake up till 7:30 a.m. but I've been forcing my comp to wake up. Then they don't get back to the house until 10:00, they're just always pushing it. Also the one right next to me is listening to Drake on his computer! Good thing he can't read English because he just tryed to read that sentence haha!!! 

Welp!!! wish me luck that, and wish for rain here everyday for me because when it rains it is cooler and the days go by in like 1 hour I swear!! 

Love you all. Chau!!
Elder Christensen

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Waterfall called Santa Carmin near Tingo Maria, Peru

Beautiful green jungle surrounding Santa Carmin

On the road going back to Tingo Maria from Aucayacu
Aucayacu has many "less active" members so the missionaries visit this village often.

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