Monday, February 22, 2016

The King of Tingo!!


So this week has been a pretty crazy week. How are ya'll in the best place on earth? The good old United States!!!! haha I am really starting to like this place. The only downfall is there is no Mountain Dew or any good candy!! Nothing is sweet here! This week is transfers and I'm pretty sure I'll be staying in Tingo with Elder Arpires for another 4-1/2 weeks. He goes home at the end of this transfer and it's a short transfer of only 5 weeks. I guess I'll be killing him off!

To start off, last Monday we didn't really go anywhere super cool because we don't have any pesaje, so we walked everywhere. We just went into the forest and messed around, it was super fun! And, this week I will just walk a lot! We had a ton of lessons this week. On Wednesday my comp and I went to some lady's house who is in the Relief Society presidency. She is super cool. She gave us 2 whole Panetones for free, they are like 20 Soles each for a decent one and this was a pretty good one!! I am starting to like Panetone! (Panetone is like a fruit cake but it is not sweet).  We had the interview of Edmunda that day also. She passed the interview and I hung out with Elder Evans!  That is probably the last time that I will see another kid from Alta in my mission. I'm a lone wolf now.  

I have had a great week. I have really learned to love the Latinos. haha It was so hard to love them at first, but now that I can speak better they respect me and don't try to make fun of me. So yeah, I guess basically I'm the King of Tingo!!! haha Really, I'm just kidding!! On Saturday we went to do service, and after, the lady we did service for gave us some really good soup! I attached a picture of everyone eating the soup. This is the Elders Quorum and us, the Elders in the house. The guy on the left in the green shirt is a goon! He's the son on my Penchion and I love hanging out with him. On Saturday, we basically just did service, and then on Saturday I baptized Edmunda!!!! She asked if I could baptize her. She said, "you were the one that gave me the scripture to read that made me know the gospel is true! I want you to baptize me." It was so great!!  Before the baptism there was a funny thing that happened to her. The clothes we had for her from the church were too small. so the bishop ran and got a white shirt and a white gown, it was a very hectic time, but she looked great dressed in white, she was glowing! 

On Sunday I spoke in Sacrament Meeting and I gave  a talk about how the people should be reverent in Sacrament Meeting. After I talked the whole congregation was silent!! haha I loved it!!  Now everyone is makeing jokes with me about how I changed it all in just a minute!  Jhordy, my Penchion's son, says that it was revelation that is spoke about reverence. 

It really was a good week. I just want you all to know that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father are real, Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration, and I love all of you. I miss you all, but I love it here. Be safe and love you all and have a good week. 

Elder Christensen

Elder Christensen's plaque, and a favorite, his Stripling Warrior Ring.
Luke's brother Nick also wore this ring when he served in Peru. 
Nick gave it to Luke to wear the day he left.

Exploring the Jungle

Tingo Maria on a rainy day and a beautiful rainbow.

Lunch with the Elder's Quorum and the other full time Elder's.
Erick (the red and white in the back) Renzo (the black shirt in the back)
Jhordy on the left (in the green) He is Luke's Pensionista's son
He didn't remember the names of the others.

Elder Christensen and Edmunda

Luke said Edmunda "was glowing"!
Yes, she is!

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